Born in north Jersey. Mt. Etna erupts

Inspects home’s Hurricane David tree damage in t-shirt & underwear

Discovers The Weather Channel while babysitting for Jennifer Meerow

Begs parents to subscribe to cable

Spends entire adolescence watching The Weather Channel. Mom worries.

Gets passing grades at Cornell, watching The Weather Channel & dabbling in crew

Moves to Chattanooga to train with the US Rowing National Team. Parents plan intervention

Parents now on board, Kim changes mind, moves to Huntsville

Throws up eating grits while working at WAFF. Misses bagels & falls in love with tornadoes

Shuffles off to Buffalo’s WGRZ. Love affair with Lake Effect Snow

Says “To hell with doing weekend weather. If I’m going to do weekend weather, I want more money.” Moves to Boston, WFXT.

Says “To hell with doing weekend weather. I want to be a chief meteorologist.” Moves to WBRE, Wilkes-Barre. Learns the correct way to pronounce Throop.

Happily enjoys chiefdom

Against mentor’s warning “Doing morning weather takes years off the back end of your life” moves to DC for morning weather job at WUSA

Waits for POTUS & First Lady to take notice and invite to White House for supper. They don’t.

Winks at a tall glass of water on He winks back.

Under blue skies, marries unstoppable crush at low tide on a sand bar in Maine. All guests make it on and off the sand bar without getting wet

The earth shakes, the waters part and enter baby boy Maximus - revealer of unconditional love

Picks up air time at NBC Washington Decides any station with a ping pong table. is a cool place to work.

Just when she thinks life couldn’t get any better, it does. Baby sister, Eden, enters the world, completing their family!


Kim Martucci